Simplus Learning Academy and i-Comm (in partnership with the Trinity Guildhall, London) offer Effective communication.

Build communication skills | Create a lasting first impression | Learn how to listen, persuade, and negotiate | Learn how to manage and resolve conflicts

Realise your dreams

Have you ever left a meeting or a classroom wondering, “What did he just say?” “Did we really agree on that?” or “When did we say we were meeting?” If yes, then these workshops are designed just for you.

Today’s companies and workplaces need people with not just technical skills but also emotional intelligence. In fact, in today’s fast paced global village, emotional quotient (EQ) spells all the difference between winners and also-rans. Merely acquiring a degree is not enough. You need skills that let you articulate your thoughts clearly and help your personality shine through challenging situations.

Diversify your skill set

Investing in building your soft-skills is an investment in your future. Every job demands a high degree of interaction with colleagues, superiors, customers, and vendors. Knowing how to communicate articulately, how to negotiate effectively, and how to resolve conflicts, are essential, and will put you on the fast track to success.


screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-1-11-20-pmMeet the expert

i-Comm Chief Education Officer Francis Aranha has wide experience in training senior executives from all over the country. He has worked with professionals in 30 Indian states, and executives from Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and the USA. He has taught courses at workshops and seminars in the US, and also taught at the Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

Our courses are conducted periodically, with new batches beginning every month in Mangalore, Karnataka.

For registration and other details, contact:

Francis Aranha
Phone: +91 96118 93222 (M)


Simplus Learning Academy
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# 15-21-1266/29, 2nd Floor, Legacy Commercial Complex, Lower Bendoor,
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Communicate with confidence and clarity

Our workshops will help you:

  • Learn to use verbal and non-verbal cues to gauge what exactly your partner is saying. Learn to look beyond words and find deeper meaning.
  • Learn how to reach an understanding, develop trust, build teams, like each other, and inspire people.
  • Build a professional image. Improve your self-confidence, lower stress, and gain acceptance.
  • Learn how rights and responsibilities go together.
  • Decode the DNA of relationships which are the basis for all human interaction.
  • Steer clear of the pitfalls that await the unwary traveler.


  1. How to do an evaluation; self introduction
  2. Attitude building; building trust
  3. How to get the message across – communication skills part I
  4. Body language
  5. Public speaking
  6. Rhetoric and the art of planning a speech
  7. Types of speeches
  8. Criteria for judging a speech
  9. How to tell stories in speeches
  10. 6 secrets of public speaking
  11. Common mistakes in English
  12. Making a funny speech
  13. Negotiation
  14. Persuasion
  15. Making small talk
  16. The art of conversation
  17. Pauses and how to master them
  18. Communication roadblocks
  19. Effective communication
  20. Group discussion
  21. Writing CVs
  22. How to communicate powerfully by email
  23. Strategies for improving oral presentations
  24. Idea and content generation