Who is Simplus?

Simplus is a financial consulting company; we provide simple, practical guidance rooted in knowledge and ethical practices. We are associates of Colaco & Aranha – a reputed investment services firm in Mangalore.

Who are your clients?

We serve only retail clients, not institutional investors. We offer only qualitative, long-term investment solutions, with no room for speculation or quick success schemes.

How can you help me?

We can help you assess and draw up a plan for meeting your family’s financial objectives.

What processes do you follow?

Our operations are ethical, transparent and follow well-planned, systematic processes.

Before signing-up with a customer, we acquaint him or her with our guidance policy and business philosophy, and share introductory reading material. Only after the customer has read the information and is convinced about working with us, do we initiate the next steps.

Download an introduction to Simplus, our presentation and introductory reading material here.

How can I truly benefit from your practical, ethical guidance?

Adhere to the plan suggested, review it periodically, and most importantly, don’t tinker with it due to peer-pressure or the temptation of making a quick buck. Remember, the plans are designed to fulfill a particular goal and at a particular time.