Simplus Learning Academy

The Simplus Learning Academy (SLA) is our initiative to educate and empower people, through a variety of learning programmes.

The context

Simplus focuses on Personal Investment Services and provides investment insights to clients. These insights are provided through a mix of relevant literature and online talks by investment experts. The response from clients and even casual surfers chancing upon our programmes has been gratifying. They have appreciated our efforts and acknowledged the value received from our sessions.

The initiative

Simplus Learning Academy is the next step in our mission to educate, enlighten, and empower. It formalizes our thrust on education and will offer a range of learning programmes. Some of our content will remain free. Other content will be in the form of short-term courses and will be available for a fee.

We now offer two courses:

Personal investment 

This is for anyone who wants to be an effective, enlightened investor. It simplifies ideas related to personal investment and finance, making it possible for you to be financially responsible and not just financially literate.

Effective communication    

It helps understand the essentials of communication, equipping you to speak with confidence and clarity. Know more.

We believe that, “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you; If you are determined to learn, nothing can stop you.” The dictionary defines education as the act or process of imparting or acquiring useful general knowledge and generally preparing oneself intellectually for mature life. We truly believe that knowledge empowers.

As always, you can be sure that our fees will be structured to provide genuine value for money. Spread the word. Help us educate, enlighten, and empower.

Our courses are conducted periodically, with new batches beginning every month in Mangalore, Karnataka. 

For registration and other details, contact:

Deepak K Rao
Founder & Director
Phone: +91 70228 62777 (M)


Simplus Learning Academy
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