Insurance is the first area of planning – the vital emergency response that swings into action in case of a disaster.
It helps safeguard your interests from risk or injury. Most people need to focus on three main types of insurance:


Health or medical insurance is mandatory and must cover your whole family. Get one made, even if your employer provides you with a family cover. What if you resign, lose your job, or relocate to a different country? Without your own medical cover, falling ill could expose you to considerable financial stress.

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Everyone needs life insurance, right?

The truth is this: you need life insurance only if you have financial dependents and for the sum essential to support their lifestyle and needs for the forseeable future.

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Do you own meaningful property?

If yes, you need property insurance. But if you are living in a rented apartment, and don’t own it, your money is better used in more meaningful avenues.

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