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Sometime in 1988, we wrote what we hoped was a simple paper on investment in the Indian stock market. The paper was intended to help beginners to invest effectively in stocks and seasoned investors to reinforce certain crucial equity investment fundamentals. In 2013, this paper will complete 25 years of its existence. During this period, we are gratified that it has helped a larger than expected number of investors who made an honest attempt to implement the strategy it advocated.

Much has changed in the Indian stock market over the last three decades. We are happy that none of these changes have hindered the implementation of the ideas in this paper. On the contrary, the wonders of modern technology and better regulation have worked in favor of a genuine equity investor, who is willing to use a little common sense and self-discipline in equity investment. Our paper said nothing new when it was first published. It says nothing new now. It merely invites investors to focus on certain valuable ideas culled from the world’s finest writers on equity investment.

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