HDFC Housing Opportunities Fund

By November 30, 2017 Blog

Investors Query: Need your opinion about investing in HDFC Housing Opportunities Fund?

Mr. Gerard Colaco: Let me tell you a little story.

In my college days, I would listen regularly to BBC World Service radio. One of my favourites was a pop music programme called “The Jolly Good Show” by a legendary presenter named Bob Holness.

I would listen more for Holness’ humour than for the music. He had an offer by which, if you sent him a letter or post card with your name and address, he would mail you back a BBC World Service T-shirt, “guaranteed not to shrink, so long as you don’t wash it.”

The HDFC Housing Opportunities Fund is a thematic fund. This militates against the basic investment risk management tool of diversification. All non-diversified investments, are, to paraphrase Bob Holness, “fabulous investments so long as you don’t invest in them.”

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