Mr. Gerard Colaco’s Insights & Wisdom

By December 31, 2010 October 7th, 2014 Blog

Why people come to ‘Colaco & Aranha (C&A)’ for Investing ?

The first reason is Expertise.

They can handle virtually all investment issues that a normal investor faces. If there is an issue which they cannot resolve, then they have a panel of professional like Chartered Accountants and Lawyers who can tackle these issues. They are constantly upgrading their levels of expertise. (For example, over Saturday and Sunday,, Mr. Colaco put in not less than 10 hours of reading. He tried to read for a minimum of two hours a day on weekdays.)

So the first reason why people come to them is definitely expertise. In fact, these days, low quality outfits are actually referring complicated matters to C&A. In his reading, he sticks only to the top quality authors. He does not read even the second level stuff. In fact, he read the same books many times, generally at intervals of one year. This gives him fresh insights. For example, last week he just finished his sixth reading of William Bernstein’s ” The Four Pillars of Investing” in six years! He will be reading it seventh time next year.

The second reason why people would come to C&A would be Ethics.

At the back of their minds, client of C&A know that they will put client’s interests first, and they will get advice that is not only competent, but also honest.

Third, their office will not cause an investor irritation by making sales calls.

Fourth, they try to maintain a very high level of service.

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