Mr. Gerard Colaco’s Insights & Wisdom

By December 29, 2010 October 7th, 2014 Blog

Question: I need one more small clarification from your side. One of friend has read the contents of Personal Financial Planning (PFP) published in our website. He said, the deepest insights and wisdom on PFP is provided in our website free of cost in the most simplest way! The one who read the contents of PFP in our website, would understand the concept of PFP and does investment on their own. Don’t we lose our business by disclosing everything about PFP in our website?


Mr. Gerard Colaco: For 25 years, I have gone out of the way to educate investors, whether by cyclostyled or photocopied articles or presentations, or emails or speeches/ workshops/ courses. My business has only grown because of it. I have not come across any investor who has tried to do things on his own.

If you are quality, people look up to you and want to come to your for their investments. It is not the other way round. If on the other hand you are low quality, it is then that people will have a bad experience and run away!

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