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By December 28, 2010 October 7th, 2014 Blog

Question: The contents of Personal Financial Planning (PFP) published in our website is entirely given by you. Please write a few lines about yourself to introduce the writer of PFP in our website. PFP is your asset and you must get the credit for your work for the last 30 years.

Mr. Gerard Colaco: My examples, literature, presentations and style of advising were all conceptualized to aid me in advising clients effectively. They were based on a little common sense and relied a great deal on the ideas of the few masters that there are in the world of investment.

So I take no credit for originality. Even most of the examples given are from the experiences of investors I have advised, or from my own experience as a long-term investor. Therefore, I would not be comfortable about taking credit for all this work at all.

If you find such things useful, you can freely use them on your website. My permission is not required. No credit need be given to me. I have no problem with sharing my knowledge and expertise with very few ‘quality advisers’ like you. But I would not like to prepare any write-up about myself.

In fact, I do not even have a bio data prepared in my computer! I consider myself to be only a student of investment and will probably remain so until I quit this world!




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